One of the cool parts about working at the Central Washington State Fair, which recently concluded its annual 10-day run, is bumping into folks you haven't seen in awhile.
The night of the Foghat concert, I ran into one of the first co-workers I ever had in radio, Mr. Lee McClanathan. He got me up to speed on how his grown kids and grandkids are but the thing I was most intrigued by was his custom Seahawks blanket.

I can attest, Lee is not one of those bandwagon Seahawks fans. He's been with them through the lean years and the good ones. He even has the t-shirts from through the years to prove it. His wife, Tracy, took all of those vintage rags and, instead of throwing them away, re-purposed them into a one-of-a-kind blanket!

Photo courtesy: Lee McClanathan