• The Washington and Oregon Department’s of Agriculture will be joining the potato commissions from both states for a trade mission to the Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar later this month to promote the growing potato market in this part of the world.

    The trade mission will kick off in Manila on Tuesday, Oct. 28 with a seminar for local chefs focusing on new ways of preparing potatoes to help drive interest among local consumers. The delegates will hold similar seminars in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

  • Eight-hundred tons of pork is on its way to Russia, according to a report by foodmarket.com.

    Russia is importing pork for the first time in a decade to replace imports from the U.S. and Europe over the bans announced back in August. The bans resulted from back and forth retaliations regarding Russia’s conflict with the Ukraine.

    China is the world's largest pork producer and in 2013 delivered 68 million tons, or about 50 percent of the world's pork. In August, Russia agreed to resume pork imports from China, and gave two Chinese companies permission to sell on the Russian market.