Getting tickets to see the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks this year has been close to impossible.  Everyone, it seems, loves a winner.  Funny how that works, eh?
Even if you're fortunate enough to find tickets for sale to the long-since sold-out CenturyLink Field, they are typically three to five times the original face value making it too expensive for the average fan.

We are going to change all of that tonight at Jackson's Sports Bar & Clubhouse Lounge at 48th and Tieton.  Stop by during Happy Hour between 5:00 - 7:00 P.M. and enter to win a pair of free stubs to the final regular season home game next Sunday, December 28th when the Hawks take on St. Louis in a game that could determine whether or not the Seahawks make the playoffs, win the NFC West or even vault to the #1 overall seed in the NFC and gain home field advantage throughout the post-season.

The tickets are in section 316 and will be drawn at random at 7:00 P.M. and the winner MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!

Jackson's will have a great Happy Hour menu for the event, to include:
* Buffalo Seasoned Jo-Jo's - $3.99
* Stadium Nachos - $3.99
* Roast Beef Sliders - $3.99
* Crisp Tacos - $3.99
* Hot Dogs & Fries - $5.99