Facing a glut of dairy once the Trans-Pacific Partnership is finalized, Vietnam’s fast-growing dairy companies are investing big in new markets ahead of more competition. Domestic milk demand is soaring as household spending power increases in the country of 90 million people, boosting profits for dairy firms that are expanding quickly, but can meet only a third of the milk needs. That's leaving a void that giants who could fill with new products and lower prices once the TPP is finalized.

Researchers at a Swedish University say increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have shifted photosynthetic metabolism in plants over the 20th century. The study is the first worldwide that reduces biochemical regulation of plant metabolism from historical specimens. In most plants, the uptake of CO2 through photosynthesis is reduced by a side reaction called photorespiration. The research group has now found that the CO2 increase in the atmosphere over the 20th century has shifted the balance between photosynthesis and photorespiration toward photosynthesis.