As more data becomes available and more research is done regarding the human brain and the adverse effects that playing football has on it, there finally seems to be a concentrated effort to improve the headgear for players.

A UW professor has teamed up with a neurosurgeon and another partner to create a startup company called Vicis. Their mission is not so much to be a sporting goods company but, rather, to reduce concussions by developing safer helmets.

The NFL awarded the Husky football program a $2.5 million grant to purchase the new helmets for practice and play in 2017. The helmets cost $1,500 each.

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin, who is a spokesperson for the company and featured in the video below, was quoted by Seattle Times beat writer Adam Jude as saying that it is the "most comfortable helmet I’ve ever worn."

The video also features former NFL greats Roger Staubach and Tony Dorsett.
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