USDA is stockpiling up to 500 million doses of a new vaccine against avian influenza, yet many in the $48 billion poultry industry don’t want it. The National Chicken Council’s Ashley Peterson said “as soon as you vaccinate any bird, you are telling the world bird flu is endemic, and countries are going to stop buying from us, some of them for years.” Yet the industry remains on edge as 67 cases of high-path avian influenza have been discovered in France. Last year, operations in 15 states were affected by the disease.

Despite no voluntary or mandatory labeling standard, Campbell Soup Company will voluntarily label its U.S. products that include genetically modified organisms. The company becomes the first major food company to start such labeling. The company said it would withdraw from all efforts by groups opposing such measures. Campbell said last week that if a federal solution is not achieved in some time, it was prepared to label all its U.S. products for the presence of ingredients that were derived from GMOs and would seek guidance from the FDA and approval by USDA.