USDA has announced a request for proposal to stockpile vaccine doses in preparation for another potential wave of highly pathogenic avian influenza. While the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has not approved use of a vaccine, the agency wants to ensure it is available should it be needed. The emergency stockpile of vaccine is for the H5 virus strain that affected more than 48 million birds at over 200 poultry facilities earlier this year. APHIS will publish an assessment in the coming weeks on the potential impact of using a vaccine in the event of an outbreak.

The American Feed Industry Association submitted comments on Tuesday to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration calling the FDA’s proposed rule making on antimicrobial animal drug sales and distribution reporting a giant overstep. AFIA believes the proposal goes beyond legal boundaries set by Congress in the Animal Drug User Fee Act. The proposed rule, according to AFIA, would require new animal drug sponsors to submit estimates of antimicrobial ingredient sales by species.