• A USDA report released Thursday is designed for consistent, science-based methods for quantifying changes in greenhouse gas emissions and carbon storage from conservation programs on the farm.

    The 600-page report is aimed at food producers and contains input from a large cross-section of agriculture experts. USDA Climate Change program Director William Hohenstien said this document is the first of its kind serving as a place where methodologies are laid out in depth.

    The report also is intended to aid USDA in developing new tools and updating existing ones for helping farmers and ranchers participate in emerging carbon markets.

  • 140 members of the US House of Representatives urged the White House this week to pursue a Trans-Pacific Partnership leaving out Japan and Canada.

    A letter from the house member to President Obama stated that support for the TPP would be jeopardized if negotiators do not hold Japan and Canada to the same standard as other TPP partners.

    The house members want Japan and Canada to provide full market access if they are to be part of a TPP deal.