If you were in the running to win $100,000 just from creating a March Madness bracket, you sure as heck better be able to fill it out correctly.Corey Johnson was one of the few who correctly picked Kentucky and Connecticut to meet up in the National Championship game. What Johnson didn't do was pick who he thought would win. That's right, Johnson made every pick except for title game. Johnson said he had UConn winning the game, but failed to submit his pick during the required time period.

If you ask anyone how their bracket has done this year, chances are they'll tell you they ripped it up and threw it away. Johnson however, could have had one of the best brackets in this year's upset-filled tournament.

Johnson correctly picked 11 of 16 teams in the Sweet 16 as well as seven of the Elite Eight teams and three of the Final Four picks. Up until Monday night, Johnson's bracket was sitting pretty at fourth place in Yahoo's billion-dollar bracket challenge group.

For those of you who didn't know, a perfect bracket in the challenge would put you up one billion dollars while brackets in the top 20 would each receive $100,000.

Johnson's bracket was bounced from the top 20 after the championship game and Johnson was left thinking of what could've been.

The 28-year-old Johnson remained was a good sport through his crisis, telling Deadspin

“Maybe someone who needs it more than I do is going to win because I won’t.”


Written by Kelly West's intern Jaryd Cline.