• U.S. Trade Representative, Ambassador Michael Froman says that both the Trade Promotion Authority and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement are extremely important to trade here in the Pacific Northwest.

    Froman said the Northwest has a great competitive advantage but it is important to get those markets open and level the playing field. He said that they are in the “end-game” of the TPP negotiations but there are still some hard issues to work through including access to Japan and Canada.

  • Nebraska Senator and Former Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns says the country is in need of serious budgeting that spends responsibly and reins in the heavy hand of government.

    This is in response to the budget proposed by President Obama Tuesday, which Johanns said is not serious at all.

    According to Johanns - the proposal is a political tool that spends more, taxes more and fails to address much-needed entitlement reforms. He says it includes $56 billion in new spending this year and $791 billion in spending increases over the next decade paid for with tax hikes on American families.