On Saturday, after helping to announce the 64th annual Moxee Hop Festival parade, my wife, son and I jumped into our car to head to Seattle to pay homage to Ken Griffey, Jr. as he returned to the Emerald City to have his jersey number officially retired by the club.

We were pressed for time because we wanted to get there as early as possible to get our hands on on of the 20,000 replica Hall of Fame plaques that were being handed out for free to the fans on a first-come, first-served basis.

Then, somebody threw a monkey wrench into our travel plans.

We had not yet even reached Lake Kechelus yet when an electronic sign warned of a collision ahead. Traffic slowed and merged into a single lane. I was getting frustrated as it added about 25 extra minutes to our schedule. I was also a bit worried that my 11 year-old son might witness some carnage which is, of course, never a good thing.

As we approached the emergency crews, we noticed that everyone looked to be alright - well, except for the guy whose boat FELL OFF THE BACK OF HIS TRUCK and was pointing in the wrong direction!

In the end, everyone was ok and we still made it to the game on time!