Timbaland is all over your television right now. Back in January, the producer's remixed version of The Daily Show theme debuted. Now, Timbo's signature sounds are about to be a presence in your sports viewing. The Virginia native is the man behind the score of the NBA's new ad for the playoffs, which start on Saturday (April 16).

"I thought it was a brilliant idea," Timbaland told Billboard on Monday (April 11) about the ad. Scoring the commercial was presented to the producer by his business partner Steve Stoute and executed through a partnership with Jingle Punks. "He just thought the music that I create would be perfect for what they're looking for."

The commercial shows how the play of the NBA's finest inspires others. With Timbaland's hard-knocking production behind it, the ad is sure to build the anticipation for the playoffs.

"They just said they wanted energy, so that's why they came to me," Timbaland said. "The NBA is great, but it's about contributing my music to a part of rhythm, and basketball is a rhythm. That's what made it stick out to me."

Timbaland described the collaboration as "the beginning" of what could lead to more spots. Adding some commercial spots to his workload is going to keep the producer very busy. Timbaland has been busy in the studio with Justin Timberlake and Puff Daddy, working on their respective projects. He's also behind the hit show Empire's season two soundtrack, which is due out on April 29.

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