House and Senate lawmakers should ax any appropriations riders that would restrict the science considered for inclusion in the Dietary Guidelines, according to 60 public health advocacy groups. Those groups - which include the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and the American Heart Association - signed letters sent Monday to Senate and House leadership. The groups decided to send letters after learning that a staffer in the office of Rep. Frank Lucas sent a Nov. 3 email to 32 food industry and lobbying groups asking them to contact other lawmakers to sign a letter supporting the controversial riders.

World fuel demand is growing at its fastest pace in five years, but oil stockpiles are at record levels. Strong production in OPEC and elsewhere could potentially push prices lower. According to the International Energy Agency, “the massive cushion” has inflated on record supplies from Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. Crude prices are down as much as 40 percent as OPEC defends its market share against competitors like the U.S. Shale industry, which is faltering slowly with the drop in oil prices. Oil supplies are still growing because supply outpaces demand.