Mike Munchak says that the Titans will prepare as best they can for the din of noise  they will have to deal with this Sunday at Centurylink Field.

At his press conference Monday, the coach was only asked about one thing as it pertains to the Titans' game Sunday against the Seahawks: how to deal with the noise that Seattle fans generate.

"I don't think there is any way to get used to it," said Munchak, who plans to play loud music during practices.

"We'll have noise and do our thing as we normally do, but again, it can only be so loud," he said. "Loud is loud. So once I can't hear someone, I can't hear someone."

"You can't get caught up in it. You have to realize they're used to their 12th Man deal and that's great for them and it's definitely a special place to play and it's made a difference for them," Munchak said. "But for us, we know what to expect. We've been dealing with it. Houston was pretty darn loud, Pittsburgh was loud. The difference here, probably, is it's a little more loud on second down, not just third down."

Munchak might remember just how loud Seahawks fans can be. He played in Seattle's Kingdome several times during his Hall of Fame career as a member of the Houston Oilers.

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