Yakima Fire Department Captain and Public Information Officer Jeff Pfaff has recently been going through old photos in the YFD's archive and has unearthed some nuggets for baseball fans in the Yakima Valley.

You may recall a couple of weeks ago when we published a photo from 1954 taken at Parker Field in conjunction with the American Legion Baseball World Series. The latest photo predates that by over three decades - before even that ballpark existed!

This week's nugget of nostalgia is from the short-lived Yakima Indians Baseball Club of the Class B Pacific Coast International League. The league was only around for fives seasons and included teams like the Aberdeen Black Cats, Portland Buckaroos, Seattle Giants, Spokane Indians, Tacoma Tigers, Vancouver Beavers, Victoria Islanders and Yakima Indians.

The Indians, who predated both incarnations of the Pippins and Bears, only competed for two seasons so this photo can be narrowed down to circa 1920 or 1921. Included in the photo and, hence, its inclusion in the YFD's photo archive is Morris Foy whom, in Capt. Pfaff's words, "played for the team while working for the Fire Department."

Not much recorded history of that team can be found, even on the venerable BaseballReference.com other than that they were managed both seasons by Frank C. Raymond  and that they played at the "Athletic Field" located at 6th Ave. and W. Pine (which is in the same vicinity as the current Davis High School ball field).

If you have any information regarding this team or photo, please reach out to us and tell us what you know!