• The University of Idaho Snake River Sugar Beet Conference, planned for Dec. 9 in Boise and Dec. 11 in Burley, will focus on ways growers can adapt research findings to their own farms and combat herbicide-resistant weeds.

    This year’s conference is part of an annual series stretching back some three decades.

    Speakers this year will offer growers ideas for using research by university scientists and others that focuses on large areas to take advantage of opportunities or address issues on individual farms.

  • At least four-in-ten unauthorized immigrants in 12 states will be eligible to benefit from the executive actions announced Thursday by President Obama, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis.

    Idaho, where 46 percent of the state’s unauthorized immigrant population is eligible for deportation relief, tops all other states on this measure.

    Other states with at least four-in-ten eligible immigrants include Oregon & Wyoming.