• Nearly half of U.S. consumers say animal protein is still the best source of protein.

    A study released by the NPD group found fish and meat are primarily considered the best sources for protein. More than 60 percent of consumers, according to the study say they eat animal protein in a typical day.

    Animal Protein in the report does not include lunch and deli meat, which is included in the other category. NPD analyst Darren Seifer stated, “While Traditional Protein Purists stick to their traditional meat sources for protein; they are also likely to have more meals that are rounded out with vegetables and grains.”

  • The Environmental Defense Fund has taken aim at agriculture to eliminate fertilizer pollution as an environmental concern.

    The EDF says the effort will, “engage farmers and businesses throughout the supply chain to transform the way fertilizer-dependent grain crops are grown and sourced.”

    Suzy Friedman, director of EDF’s Sustainable Sourcing Initiative, says, “Our long-term goal is to make the entire U.S. grain supply sustainable – good for farmers, good for the climate and good for our waterways.”