Drake's affinity for rubbing elbows with the sports world's greatest athletes is well known, with word coming out earlier this month that New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has posted up at his crib. Also on record is Drizzy's appreciation for reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry. The line "Steph Curry with the shot," has gained almost as much notoriety as "0 to 100," the song it is included on.

Drizzy has referenced the Golden State Warriors in "Summer Sixteen" as well, and ESPN's Cabral “Cabbie” Richards recently caught up with Curry to ask about the shoutouts and specifically one lyric that says, “Golden State running proactive at my house." As Curry tells it, Drake may have embellished a bit but he did in fact hoop at the rapper's home.

"That’s got some real life aspects to it," Curry said of the lyric. "Me and my brother in law, I was playing one-on-one with him at Drake’s house. They were watching, they didn’t really shoot that much that day. My brother in law got all that work. Drake and his boys and some of my family was in the stands." 

The NBA playoffs got underway this weekend, with the Golden State Warriors beating the Houston Rockets to take a 1-0 series lead. Drake's Toronto Raptors meanwhile fell to the Indiana Pacers, what was the only instance from the weekend of a lower seed winning on the road.

With the below Instagram photo showing not only Odell, but Gronk at Drake's home as well, one has to wonder what sort of other athletic competitions take place at Casa de Drizzy.

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