• The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation and Farm Foundation have been working to improve soil research and tools farmers can use to measure soil health.

    The foundations released their Soil Renaissance strategic plan at the World Congress on Conservation Agriculture. They have been working with a core group of researchers for months on this plan to identify gaps in soil research and education.

    Farm Foundation President Neil Conklin says the strategic plan is a starting point that will evolve and expand as work is completed, new challenges are identified and more individuals join the effort.

  • Representatives DeLauro and Slaughter introduced legislation called the Pathogens Reduction and Testing Reform Act.

    This legislation is meant to strengthen USDA’s ability to recall products associated with illness outbreaks even when the product isn’t considered adulterated.

    The Centers for Disease Control’s 2013 Food Safety Progress Report showed a nine-percent decrease in salmonella infections in 2013 compared to the previous three-years - but salmonella is always a risk - especially in raw chicken products.