Shorty's Sweets, Treats 'N Cakes owner Linda Ramos-Davis began her business like many other small-business owners have before her: with great family support and a love of creating unique cakes. With some financial help from her father-in-law, she opened up a small shop in the heart of downtown Yakima in 2012.

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Now, her bakery shop, Shorty's (as it's affectionately known by Linda's loyal customers), has become a Yakima staple, where one can order cakes for weddings, quinceneras and birthday parties, as well as find Yakima's storied culinary delight, "Cheese Zombies."

Cheese Zombies rose to urban legendary status as a baked grilled cheese sandwich in Yakima public schools back in the 1980s (Linda used to work as a school cafeteria lady). Often imitated, rarely duplicated, the cheese zombie recipe was no secret to Linda, and she began selling them in her shop on "Cheese Zombie Mondays."

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But creating a place where Yakima could find those delicious cheese zombie treats was no easy task. Linda says that the "overnight success" of Shorty's Sweets, Treats 'N Cakes was several years in the making.

"It took us about three years in business before we finally felt (sigh of relief) like 'The business is finally off and running!' " she says.

We asked Linda who encouraged her to give up life as an employee and pursue the dream

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of become the proprietor of her own business.

"My mom inspired me to begin baking treats because she was always cooking," she says. "It was always such a treat for her to bake something! I love coming from a big family (my mom is one of 14 kids)! My big family have been my biggest supporters!"

Here's what else Linda had to say when we stopped in for a taste of her shop.

KFFM: Sounds like she was your "shero!" So, just between us, who is the better cook, you or your mom? (Click on the video to see Linda's reaction!)

KFFM: What is the history of Shorty’s Sweets, Treats ‘N Cakes?

Linda: I started my own business baking cakes, because I saw others making the wild and imaginative cakes that I requested. I told myself that I could learn to make my own cakes. So I took cooking classes and opened up my own shop (where I sell cakes, treats and more)! I look forward to each day, wondering what’s next, what new creation will I get to make for my customers?

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KFFM: How did you find the money to open your business?

L: My father-in-law gave me the money to open the business with my husband, TJ. It was the right time, right opportunity to start our family business!

KFFM: We wish you many happy years to come for your hometown shop! How long have you been open for business on Third Street?

L: As a matter of fact, we officially opened (at 115 N. Third St.) on Aug. 1, so exactly four years ago, we had the ribbon-cutting and everything! I just shared it on my Facebook today!

KFFM: What are your future goals for Shorty's Sweets, Treats 'N Cakes?

L: I would say we are planning to expand out to the West Valley area and to mass-produce our cheese zombies to be sold locally. So you can head out to the store and pick up six or a dozen cheese zombies and then enjoy them that night!

KFFM: What advice would you have for anyone else considering starting a new business?

L: Make sure that you have family support -- and word of mouth is key if you don't have an advertising budget.

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