RENTON, Wash. (AP) — At some point soon, the questions will stop about Jimmy Graham's knee. What he's doing on the field won't be prefaced by what happened last November.

For now, everything Graham is doing for the Seattle Seahawks is noteworthy because of what took place on Nov. 29, 2015 — a knee injury that very few have recovered from in such spectacular fashion.

"It's a great statement about his ability to accomplish all that he did in rehab to get his mind right and his body right to do what he's doing, and just to make some really cool plays," Seattle coach Pete Carroll said. "It's a big statement about him, but I think he's ready to go now."

As the Seahawks enter their bye this week at 3-1, there are several worthwhile performances to note. From quarterback Russell Wilson's ability to play through a sprained right ankle and sprained left knee, to a defense that continues to show signs of again being a dominant unit, it's been a successful first quarter of the season for the Seahawks.

Graham's stunning recovery and play — especially the past two weeks — may be at the top of that list.