Forbes Magazine is out with their list of the world's most valuable sports teams. One Seattle team made the top 50. Guess which one.

It's probably no surprise, but the Seattle Seahawks have made Forbes Magazine's list of the world's top 50 most valuable sports teams. The Seahawks came in at #27, just about the middle of the pack. Forbes cited the Seahawks value at $1.04 billion, with the team boasting the NFL's richest owner in Paul Allen, who has an estimated worth of $15 billion.

The Spanish soccer team Real Madrid is the top team, valued at $3.3 billion. The New York Yankees are fourth at $2.3 billion, while the Dallas Cowboys are fifth at $2.1 billion. In fact, the NFL dominated the list, with 30 teams making the top 50. Only the St. Louis Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars at #51 and #52 didn't make it.

Seattle's Mariners were not mentioned.

Read the entire Forbes story here.