Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and members of the retailing giant  Nordstrom family are jumping on board the project to build an NBA/NHL arena in Seattle, and attract the teams that would play there.


Chris Hansen’s proposal to build an arena for NBA and NHL teams in the SODO area of Seattlle has attracted some big money. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Erick and Peter Nordstrom of Seattle’s Nordstrom retailing empire are joining the project. Ballmer was involved in a last ditch effort to keep the SuperSonics in Seattle in the summer of 2008, when the team was moved to Oklahoma City. The Nordstrom family owned the Seattle Seahawks from 1976 to 1987.

In an interview on a Seattle radio station this morning, Hansen said he would be the majority owner of any NBA franchise that comes to Seattle and his investment group would include about 10 people.

Ballmer was unavailable for comment, but Peter Nordstrom said  “I have been very impressed with Chris’ thoughtful plan to build a viable arena that makes Seattle an obvious choice for a successful NBA city. There are many details to work through and lots of work yet to be done, but I believe Chris’ plan represents a unique opportunity for the community.”

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