According to Forbes Magazine, the Seattle quarterback is better liked than Peyton Manning, Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Troy Polamalu and Victor Cruz.

The business magazine reported that in a survey by the California research firm E-Poll,  Wilson was ranked as the fifth most liked player in the National Football League. 59 per cent of respondents said they like Wilson or like him a lot.

“Undersized quarterback spent much of his rookie season last year in the long shadows cast by Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck,” Forbes wrote of the 24-year-old Seattle QB. “But a pair of impressive postseason games, including a head-to-head win over Griffin in Washington, helped Wilson get his national due.”


In the top-10 list Forbes published earlier this week, Wilson trailed just Aaron Rodgers (No. 4), Drew Brees, Adrian Peterson and Larry Fitzgerald (No. 1) among the most-liked players in the league.

You can read Tom Van Ripper's complete article in Forbes here.