RENTON, Washington (AP) — The Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman said Wednesday that he has no regrets about his angry sideline tirade during the Atlanta game that has become as much a part of the conversation as the Seahawks sitting at 4-1 or their game this Sunday at division rival Arizona.

"Nope, nothing at all," Sherman said.

Sherman's eruption in the win over the Falcons was a rare public display of strife among players and coaches. It took teammates Bobby Wagner, Kam Chancellor and Michael Bennett to finally calm Sherman.

But what became clear since the tirade are the events that led to Sherman's outburst. There was a miscommunication between Sherman and backup safety Kelcie McCray that led to two different coverages being played and leaving Julio Jones uncovered down the sideline for a 36-yard touchdown.

Sherman was livid, although initially it was difficult to see what set him off other than the Seahawks blowing coverage and giving up an easy touchdown. Footage released Tuesday and broadcast on "Inside the NFL" showed defensive coordinator Kris Richard and Sherman shouting at each other as the defense came off the field. Sherman's anger ramped up after that, leading to sideline confrontations with coaches and teammates that took nearly the entire third quarter to simmer down.