The Seahawks do something cool each week -- besides win. They recognize football success around the state, and this week it's a tip of the beak to the Wapato Wolves and varsity head football coach, Brian Hake (hay-kee).

The Seattle Seahawks and the Washington State Football Coaches Association picked Coach Hake for guiding the Wolves to a 40-20 victory over Columbia-Burbank during the season opener at home Sept 5.  The win snapped a 21-game losing streak.

Each week during the high school football season, the Seahawks and the Washington State Football Coaches Association select two high school football coaches as the Coach of the Week winners. Each recipient receives several items and privileges, including a $500 donation to the school's football program from the Seahawks and the NFL Youth Football Fund. The Sports Authority donates another $250 to the program of the weekly winners.

Coach Hake’s selection as a “Coach of the Week” qualifies him to be considered for Coach of the Year honors at the end of the 2014 high school football season.

Congratulations, coach and kids -- and good luck this week on starting a win streak!