We all know that the Seahawks are headed back to the Super Bowl and with that NFC championship comes some brand-new fan gear. But not every store has it yet.

Last year JCPenney in Union Gap was the very first store in our region to have the new Hawks gear. And guess what? They did it again.

Store Leader Greg Fellman got in a rental truck at 2 a.m. Monday, just hours after the huge comeback victory over the Packers. He drove to Seattle, packed his truck full of the newest gear straight off of the printing press and had it back to the store by noon on Monday.

"I think it's silly for us over here to have to wait on the other side of the mountain," Fellman said. "So I just get up at 2 in the morning, get a rental truck and head on over to the printers, load up there and then get them back here about 10 or 11 the Monday after. It's a lot more fun that way I think. Plus we deserve it."

"After the NFC championship, I was real excited to get some of the new gear that came out," shopper Keith Sugden said. "So here I am, getting a hat and I'm going to look for a shirt for my wife to wear for the big game."

Fellman said Penney's is getting more shipments each day with brand-new items each time. If you don't see what you want yet, check back later this week to see if it comes in.

If you're looking for a little variety, the West Valley Albertsons got a shipment in Tuesday morning. They've got clothing as well as Hawk's House wine and of course some Skittles.