Recently reunited with his original team, Seattle Seahawks defensive back Brandon Browner, and original member of the L.O.B., is now having the boom lowered on him by police in Pomona, California.

According to Staff Writer Josh Weinfuss, "Watch Commander Lt. Ronald McDonald confirmed to ESPN that police responded to a call at 8 p.m. PT after an argument between Browner and his girlfriend spilled onto the driveway. The father of Browner's girlfriend went to the house, where he and Browner had an altercation in the driveway, according to police. Browner's girlfriend's father, who is 59, told police he was assaulted once and fell to the ground, where he injured his thumb.

McDonald said the girlfriend's father did not seek medical attention so police don't currently know the extent of his injuries. Police said he visited with his personal doctor.

Police have not spoken with Browner, McDonald said, who left the scene before police arrived."