Seattle's overtime win over Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos has the Seahawks in the No. 1 spot once again in some of the polls.   ESPN has Seattle on top, lauding quarterback Russell Wilson.

Russell Wilson's career record against Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady is 7-0. After Sunday's overtime win, the Seahawks are still clearly the team to beat.


Fox Sports agrees that Seattle is tops.

For almost the entire game the Seahawks flashed their defensive dominance by utilizing an aggressive game plan that featured safeties Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor attacking more. This resulted in the duo creating several stops in the run game to go along with a forced fumble and an interception. Russell Wilson and the offense struggled at times, but came up big when they had to in overtime. Is anyone beating them in Seattle?


Pete Prisco at CBS Sports doesn't agree, putting Seattle at No.3 behind two unbeaten teams, Cincinnati and Arizona.

That was a nice drive to win it in overtime for the Seahawks against Denver. Russell Wilson came up big when it counted.



Elliot Harrison at drops the Seahawks to fifth, behind the unbeaten Bengals, Eagles, Cardinals and the only team to have defeated Seattle this year, the Chargers.

Nice, resilient showing for the Seahawks, who found a way to prevail after their own sloppy play and the refs' failure to call offensive pass interference allowed the Broncos to even things up in Seattle on Sunday. (Personally, I think Julius Thomas should've been allowed to put a Seahawks corner in a sleeper hold so that Wes Welker could run unabated and uncovered, but I digress ...)

The five-spot might seem too low for this team, but considering San Diego soundly defeated Seattle and Arizona took care of San Diego, the Seahawks deserve to be behind both. And I'm not ready to vault those Cards over Philadelphia or Cincinnati.



The Seahawks did regain the top spot in The Associated Press Pro 32 Power Poll this week as well.