• Bans of agricultural imports a couple weeks ago by Russia has consumers already paying a price.

    Suppliers have raised prices for some fish by 20 to 36 percent and they reported shortages and higher prices for fruit, braced for milk prices to go up, and some meat suppliers were engaging in price speculation.

    Russia is one of the world's leading importers of food, and its ban on fruit, meat, poultry, fish and milk products is hurting European suppliers, but the ban is also hurting Russians who have acquired a taste in recent years for imported European products.

  • The EPA has opened a criminal investigation of wastewater discharge from a Tyson Foods processing plant in Missouri.

    The EPA claims the wastewater from the plant allegedly caused a fish kill in a nearby stream. This comes after the state filed a civil lawsuit against Tyson over the incident that alleges violations in all and seeks penalties, compensation for damages and reimbursement for investigation cost.

    If criminally charged by the EPA, Tyson may be subject to a fine and other relief, as well as government contract suspension and debarment.