SEATTLE (AP) — As his career has progressed, Seattle's Richard Sherman has become more adept at shadowing a specific wide receiver instead of concentrating on covering one side of the field.

He may have quite the challenge coming up Sunday: Atlanta's Julio Jones, just two weeks removed from racking up 300 yards receiving against Carolina.

"I watch the wide receiver play in Julio, he's one the very greatest football minds at his position. He has a real understanding of the game, the coverage, the leverage and that was one of the things when I first met Sherm," said Atlanta head coach and former Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. "I was so impressed with his football knowledge growing stronger through the years. That'll be a classic matchup that we're looking forward to being a part of."

Yes, even the coaches are excited to see how this one plays out.

While it's not certain Sherman will match up on Jones exclusively, there have been plenty of assumptions this week that that will be the case. And should they face off, there won't be any acrimony. Jones and Sherman have become friends off the field after meeting at the Pro Bowl.

"He's a fascinating dude," Sherman said.