• The NPD Group expects restaurant traffic in the U.S. to increase by one-percent this year.

    NPD Restaurant Analyst Bonnie Riggs says consumers still prioritize convenience, value, unique menu items and service for what they need and want from foodservice - but Riggs says definitions of these needs and wants are changing. In the area of convenience - restaurant customers can expect the availability of more mobile apps to order and pay for their food this year.

    Also - Riggs says portion size, fresh ingredients, different preparation styles and more will be factored into the value of food for customers.

  • What will the future of agriculture hold?

    As we begin 2015 there is a lot of speculation of how we are going to continue to feed the worlds population with more arable land being taken over by urban sprawl, agricultural productivity gains decreasing, and demand for biofuels increasing, supply is not keeping up with demand.

    Farmers all have great ideas on how to increase production but one thing is sure, it will take money and that just might be a hot new investment for Wall Street to look into.