• The Partnership for a New American Economy and the Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform has released a new report titled "No Longer Home Grown - How Labor Shortages are Increasing America’s Reliance on Imported Fresh Produce and Slowing U.S. Economic Growth."

    The report is part of the #iFarmImmigration campaign of more than 70 agriculture groups, including the American Farm Bureau Federation, partnering to express the importance of immigration reform to lawmakers.

  • On Tuesday, Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack announced a new partnership with WoodWorks, a non-profit organization, to train architects, engineers and builders about the benefits of advanced wood building materials.

    Vilsack says building stronger markets for innovative new wood products supports sustainable forestry, helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and puts rural America at the forefront of an emerging industry.

    The partnership includes a $1 million investment from the Forest Service.