Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has been in high demand by the media as he prepares for Super bowl XLIX. We have video of his "fly by" with us at Seahawks' training camp last summer.

Spending a day at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center for a preseason practice was quite an experience. It was a professional thrill for me to meet some of the writers, like Jim Moore, who cover the team on a daily basis. It was great to interview some of the players -- like Justin Britt and Jermaine Kearse. And it was great just to be in close proximity with the players and coaches on my favorite football team.

Hundreds of fans were on hand to watch practice, hoping for an autograph or a photo with their favorite player.

But Wilson is generally in constant demand, and he didn't have time to interact with fans that day ... though we did manage to get him on video as he passed by on his way back to the locker room.