28 Year Old Rae Smith of the Tri-Cities, WA is getting set to walk on foot from Philadelphia, PA all the way back to the Tri-Cities.   She plans to walk all 2,613 miles ON FOOT and she says it will take her about 94 days to complete her journey.

She is taking this journey all in an effort to raise awareness and money for a cause that is very close to her heart; Eating Disorder Awareness.

We talked to Rae on air this morning, you can listen to the full interview below... Rae talks about how she plans to be safe, what she is packing with her, and more.

Rae fly's into the Philadelphia Airport on Sunday July 21st... and from there her journey begins.  We will be checking in with Rae on Monday Morning and will continue to check in with her along her 94 day journey.

If you would like more info, or better yet, help her cause by donating, please check out the links below:

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Listen to Gunner and Michele's Interview with Rae Smith... Click 'Play' Below: