Southwest Farmpress reports that a new project under way along the Gulf Coast of Mexico could benefit U.S. farmers and agribusinesses. The government-funded project, known as the Southern Gulf-Guatemala Strategic Corridor, will provide a key link between ports, distribution outlets and Central America in the form of modernized four-lane highways, port expansions plus the development of a rail spur to connect the ports to the mainline. That means U.S. products could be easily and more affordably transferred to end-users in remote states like Chiapas and Tabasco.

Post- online Media reports that nearly 90 percent of crops were damaged in Haiti and that restoring agriculture-and fishery-based livelihoods is critical to avoid dependency on food aid in the coming months.

A new searchable database compiled by the Environmental Working Groups is giving a glimpse of where USDA conservation spending is going. According to an analysis that EWG compiled for Agri-Pulse, six of the top seven counties under the Environmental Quality Incentives Program are in California’s Central Valley.