• It appears that the U.S. and Mexico are coming to an agreement to allow trade between the two countries regarding potatoes.

    In a joint statement from the National Potato Council and the United States Potato Board, both are pleased to learn that the Mexican government has issued its final rule designed to achieve the bilateral goal of expanding trade in fresh potatoes between our two countries.

    Publishing the final rule is an important step in the parallel regulatory efforts taking place on both sides of the border.

  • The biotechnology industry recently commissioned a study to ask more than 1,000 people which of 23 questions they were most interested in having answered about genetically modified organisms.

    The Des Moines Register reports 8 out of 10 people said they were most interested in knowing if GMO crops cause cancer.

    The study, which was released Wednesday, found other top questions were if biotech crops cause an increase in allergies, if big companies force farmers to grow GMO crops and if they lead to increased food prices.