Pippins continue to win during their trip North of the Border with a 12-4 rout of Kelowna Falcons.

Both teams played tightly for the first 4 innings shutting down any threats of scoring opportunities. The 4th inning the bats of the Pippins started to heat up as Mitch Skaggs, Shawn Wardian and Taylor Snyder counted for 3 runs. 3-0 Pippins. The 6th inning the Pippins unloaded on the Falcons with five runs highlight by the 3 run HR of Vince Hernandez, his second home run in as many games. 8-0 Pippins. Kelowna score their first run in the 7th inning. 8-1 Pippins. In the final two innings Pippins added four more runs and Kelowna added 3 more.

Austin Woodward get the win for the Pippins. The two teams will matchup again tonight at 6:35pm