The U.S. organic industry breaks all records according to , the 2016 Organic Industry Survey that reported that total organic product sales hit a new benchmark of $43.3 billion up 11 % from the previous year and far exceeding the overall food markets growth rate of 3 %. Good news for precision Ag, Caledonia Solutions released a new Ag industry survey last month showing that one in four large farmers have plans to increase spending on farm equipment technology.

The Gates Foundation helps third world farmers increase production. Context Global Development received a 4 million dollar grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to fund a two year program that focuses on increasing Ag productivity for millet and sorghum farmers in selected parts of Africa. Cattle are cataloged. Zoetis and Angus Genetics complete the world’s most comprehensive genomic calibration for beef cattle with genotypes for more than 100,000 animals.