With Spring Training set to open up in a couple of days with the reporting of pitchers and catchers to camp in Peoria, Arizona, Seattle Mariners fans will DEFINITELY need a program to keep track of all of the new faces in uniform since GM Jerry DiPoto took over.

The club's new general manager has replaced almost half of the 40-man roster, bringing in 17 players who were with different teams last season.  The M's roster is almost as difficult to keep with as the number of celebrities and musicians who have passed away since the last out of the 2015 season occurred.

With a tip of the inspirational cap to one of the Pacific Northwest's funniest comedians (and Mariners fans) Kermet Apio, see how you fare with this quiz:

"New Seattle Mariner or Dead Musician"

1. Scott Weiland
2. Steve Cishek
3. Steve Clevenger
4. Lemmy Kilmister
5. Steve Baron
6. Maurice White
7. Evan Scribner
8. Dale Griffin
9. Paul Kantner
10. Vidal Nuno
11. David Bowie
12. Boog Powell
13. Wade Miley
14. Jimmy Bain
15. Joaquin Benoit

1:No 2:Yes 3:Yes 4:No 5:Yes 6:No 7:Yes 8:No 9:No 10:Yes 11:No 12:Yes&No 13:Yes 14:No 15:Yes

If you scored 8 or more out of 15, consider yourself up on music or a hard-core Mariners fan. Let's hope the M's don't suffer the same fate in 2016 as Glenn Frey and the rest of his ilk!