• The U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance has launches a new video series on how farmers and ranchers tackle big jobs.

    The new How To Farm series launched Monday illustrates different farming practices. The educational videos, which range between two to four minutes, highlight the daily activities of farmers and ranchers across the nation who grow and raise our food. The videos include How To Milk 1,200 Cows, How To Care for 7,000 Pigs, How To Use Trash to Help Crops Grow and How To Gather 50,000 Eggs A Day.

    The videos can be found on YouTube or at fooddialogues.com.

  • Eight government officials in China were dismissed after a media report found unsafe pork had entered the market to the equivalent of $3.3 million worth of sales.

    The unsafe pork was fabricated from dead or sick hogs.

    The illegal pork sales were first were reported by China Central Television. The swine industry in China reportedly has a 3 percent mortality rate from disease overall. An estimated 90,000 pigs die from disease in Gao'an annually. Gao'an is one of China's major pork producers.