• The Associated Press reports this year’s dietary guidelines from the government may include an environmental focus.

    The idea for a more plant-based diet is coming from an advisory panel to the Agriculture and Health and Human Services Departments - which has been discussing sustainability in public meetings. A draft recommendation from the panel suggests a sustainable diet helps ensure food access for current and future generations.

    The draft also says a healthy diet includes fewer red and processed meats than are currently consumed - which is something the meat industry has fought for years.

  • A new, free online tool has been created to help livestock and poultry producers compare techniques that could help eliminate odor on their farms.

    The Air Management Practices Assessment Tool - AMPAT - was developed to help producers identify practices to reduce odors and emissions of gases and dust on their farms caused by animal production.

    The tool lists animal housing, manure storage and handling, and land application as the three main sources of odor and emissions. Producers can choose a mitigation practice and learn more about its effectiveness and relative cost with the online tool.