Do you have a naughty dog? They don't come when called? They can't stop chewing on furniture? They relieve themselves whenever and where ever they please? That's exactly what we're looking for! You have a chance to win private obedience lessons for your dog, a spa day at Acme Canine Center and $200 for you to spend as you please.

All you have to do to enter is upload a picture of your naughty dog. You probably have a picture of your dog misbehaving or generally being a 'bad dog'. Upload that picture in the form below for your chance to win. Then we'll let everyone vote for their favorite picture. The winning picture will be declared the naughtiest dog and will win private obedience lessons and a spa day at Acme Canine Center. We'll even through in $200 just to put in your pocket.

Good Luck!