With Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale coming this Saturday (May 7) at 8 a.m. at the Perry Tech parking lot, I was thinking back to some of my best finds at yard sales and hoping I can find more to add to this list. Here are a few things I've found at yard sales.

Bread Maker

Value: $100
Price: $10
One of my favorite things to find are items that are gently used or not used at all as the seller doesn't need it or has a better one and they just want to unload this. I found an awesome bread maker at Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale two years ago and the bread maker still works today!

A Nintendo system with about 8 games

Value: about $120
Price: $12
This was found at our first Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale about 14 or 15 years ago. Often, churches will reserve spaces and everything they sell goes to the church as a charity fundraiser. I found a non-assuming box, peeked inside, calmly closed the box and bought it, holding my excitement inside.

A Foosball Table

Value: $120
Price: $20
This was a situation where it paid to show up early. I saw a foosball table, beautiful condition, and they only wanted $20. I guess the story was that the seller had it in his "man cave," which, after the birth of his child, got turned into a nursery. The yard sale barely even started when I attempted to pay for it, but it was already sold. It didn't last long, as many of the great items don't.

Clothes. A LOT of Clothes

Value: $8-$15 each
Price: 25 cents each
At most yard sales, I see piles and piles of clothes and never think anything of it. One year, in particular, my daughters outgrew all of their summer clothes. I knew this was the perfect opportunity to get everything they needed for summer and even a few fall and winter outfits for next to nothing.

Garden Tools

Value: a lot
Price: much less
For the last few years a seller has been bringing things like shovels, trowels, things to help your garden grow and more. I always thought it was cool, but was banking on that seller being there so I could buy a few things now that we have a little garden of our own.


So many great things, a little something for everyone. We'd love for you to join us!

Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale

presented by Goodwill in Yakima, Union Gap, Selah and Ellensburg
Saturday, May 7 at 8:00 a.m.
$3 entry or $2 with a can of food for Northwest Harvest
Perry Tech parking lot across from the airport off 24th and Washington in Yakima.

Here's my tour of last year's yard sale. I can't wait to see what's in store for Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale 2016!