Having lived in East Valley for the past nine years, it has been fun to watch the resurgence and year-to-year growth in popularity of the annual Moxee Hop Festival.
This year's weekend celebration of one of the valley's biggest cash crops will be no different I'm sure.

The yearly function, organized by the East Valley Community Enhancement Association, was originally the brainchild of some local leaders and businessmen in the area back in 1946 who were looking for a way to fund a public swimming pool to keep youngsters from swimming in the unsafe irrigation canals during the summer.

Here is an excerpt from "MOOK-SEE MOXIE MOXEE" (© 1970 by Alice M Toupin):
After twenty-three festivals and the cooperation of so many of the valley residents,...  the pool was completely paid for. An outdoor kitchen and a wading pool has been built and Moxee can boast of a very nice park where many families come for a swim and picnics. OUR BIGGEST REWARD WAS TO HAVE TAKEN THE CHILDREN OUT OF THE DANGEROUS IRRIGATION CANALS."

The festival took a hiatus for many years before finally being revived. The money raised now goes to other projects in Moxee as well as student scholarships.

This year's fireworks display, beginning at dusk on Friday, are presented by:
Burrows Tractor, Chris's Recovery Shop, Tire Centers, Inc. and 94.5 KATS.

I, along with "Mr. Moxee" Al Benny will be your parade announcers on Saturday morning

Here is the list of events scheduled for this years soiree`: