• The House of Representatives passed the Water Resources Reform and Development Act on Tuesday which will authorize modernization of the locks and dams on the Mississippi River and harbor projects important to agriculture.

    American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman says WRRDA passage has been a priority issue for the federation. Stallman says WRRDA will bring $6 billion in total cost savings and important reforms to ensure the reliability and strength of the nation’s inland waterways and ports.

  • Reuters reports the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments from the Obama Administration and lawyers representing North American meat vendors Monday about the 2013 USDA regulation requiring these vendors to list where the animals they sell as meat are born, raised and slaughtered.

    The administration says the labeling requirement gives meat consumers information they want and need about products coming from within the U.S. and those coming from Canada or Mexico but the judges said this argument was too broad