The Doha round is arguably dead, and the United States has made clear it's going to argue that. After 14 years of trying to come together, the members of the World Trade Organization agreed to a declaration on Saturday that acknowledged many wanted to stick to the Doha framework while others did not. But U.S. agricultural producers have at least one reason to be happy about the outcome of the past week's negotiations. That's because the WTO inked deals that would ban agricultural export subsidies immediately upon adoption for developed countries, in three years for developing countries and in eight years for marketing and internal transportation subsidies by developing countries.

The big bump in resources for the roll out of the Food Safety Modernization Act in the omnibus passed by Congress Friday is being hailed as a victory for the consumer advocates, industry and state officials that urged Congress to fully fund the law. Under the fiscal 2016 spending package, FDA will get a $104.5 million increase for food safety - more than double the increase House and Senate appropriations bills had previously proposed.