Food items and charitable donations are fun and make us feel good, but how about a wager between the mayors of this year's Super Bowl cities that really means something?

According to, here's what Mayor Ed Murray of Seattle and Denver's Mayor Michael Hancock are betting on Sunday's game between the Seahawks and the Broncos.

Murray offered salmon, Dungeness crab and a custom road bike from Rodriguez Bicycles to Hancock in the event of a Broncos win. As part of the deal, a sculpture by Seattle artist Dale Chihuly would also be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to a Denver anti-homelessness initiative. Additionally, Murray would be required to wear Broncos pajamas during PJ Day, Feb. 6.


If the Seahawks win, Murray will receive Denver green chili, as well as a  hat, hoodie and skis from Icelantic Skis. A Denver-themed thrift shop item would also be auctioned off to support Seattle nonprofit Lifelong AIDS alliance in a nod to “Thrift Shop,” the Grammy-winning song from Seattle natives Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Hancock would then be forced to wear a costume chosen by the Lifelong AIDS alliance thrift shop.


As I said before, this kind of bet makes us all feel warm and fuzzy and the food items give us at least a small sense of pride.

But how about something that would really catch the fans' attention?

If the Seahawks win, the Mayor of Denver has to bungee jump nude off of the Space Needle.

If the Broncos win, the Mayor of Seattle has to streak all the way to the top of Pike's Peak in Colorado.

Now you're talkin' a real mayoral bet!

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