The MLB Draft might not bring the same excitement that fans are used to from the NFL or NBA drafts, but it is no question that the draft is every bit as important.

The Seattle Mariners, who hold the No. 6 pick in tomorrow's draft, will choose in the top-10 for the fifth time since 2005. Looking back at a few of those pics, it's obvious that the Mariners front office has made a few goofs.

Jeff Clement, a catcher from USC, was chosen third overall ahead of future All-Stars Ryan Zimmerman, Ryan Braun and Troy Tulowitzki.Clement, who recorded just 84 hits over four seasons, retired before the start of the 2014 season. One year later, the M's passed on UW star pitcher Tim Lincecum for Cal-Berkely pitcher Brandon Morrow. Morrow won just eight games for the Mariners before being traded to Toronto while Lincecum has been seen polishing his two Cy Young awards.

Still on the team, Dustin Ackley was drafted No. 2 and was considered the second-best prospect behind phenom Stephen Strasburg. Ackley is still a regular in Seattle's starting lineup but is hitting just .239 this season.

Only time will tell if Danny Hultzen and Mike Zunino, Seattle's first-round pics in 2011 and 2012 respectively, will live up to the hype that comes with being drafted in the top-five.

The M's have had their share of bad picks in the past, but they also have drafted a couple of franchise-changing players.

Ken Griffey Jr. is the first name that comes to mind. Chosen first in the 1987 draft, Junior made an immediate impact in the league after being called up for the 1989 season. The Kid went on to hit 417 home runs for the Mariners while becoming the most popular athlete in Seattle sports history, although Russell Wilson may give him a run for his money in the near future.

Alex Rodriguez went No. 1 to Seattle in 1993 and played in three All-Star games in his seven seasons in Seattle before signing with Texas. Many will remember Rodriguez for his 654 career home runs and his World Series win with the Yankees, but it was Seattle that brought him into the league.

Over their 37 seasons, the Mariners have had a rough time selecting prospects in the first round. With the No. 6 pick this year, Seattle has a chance to get over its recent slump of bad selections by hopefully choosing a gem. So who will Seattle pick? Another Jeff Clement or Brandon Morrow or a franchise-changing superstar?