Saturday night, the Seattle Mariners inducted the seventh player into the team's Hall of fame with the inclusion of the iconic player they called, "The Kid," Ken Griffey Junior.

There were a number of touching moments and tributes along the way, none more so than when Griffey's son Trey, who was unable to make the ceremony, sent a personal message on the gigantic video screen to congratulate his father.  It moved George Kenneth Griffey, Junior to tears.

As Griffey continued his 25+ minute speech, he closed by paying tribute to what became his closest friend in the big leagues, another Mariners Hall-of-Famer Jay Buhner.  Griffey brought Jay to tears when he told him that, other than his parents, there was no one on the face of the earth he would rather have to raise his kids.

It was a bit nostalgia, a bit heart-warming and a bit magic.

If you missed it, here is the ceremony in it's entirety.